Business education is changing faster than ever before.
And business schools need to be smarter.

CarringtonCrisp believe the more you know, the better you do. But research is just a beginning. Bringing data to life is key – adding context, sprinkling experience and wrapping it in analysis – that’s what makes data meaningful. In 2015, CarringtonCrisp will deliver a new comprehensive service for business schools, using data to help them build stronger strategies, create clearer brands, grow impactful marketing, develop valued programmes and get the best from their alumni. And that’s just the start.

How will it work?

CarringtonCrisp will bring together five of their annual group market research studies in a single package, to give schools both the big picture and the fine detail.  Bringing the data, analysis and insights together on one website,, CarringtonCrisp will provide a one-stop solution for those running schools.  

What will it cost?

All five surveys will cost an annual subscription of £3,500, with an introductory offer for those booking by 1 January 2015 bringing the fee down to just £3,000 for the first year.

"Participating in Tomorrow’s MBA has been invaluable. It required very little administrative support from us and provided us with wealth of data in the key factors that influence prospective students’ decision to consider MBA." - Nick Wailes, Director of MBA programs, The University of Sydney Business School