Alumni Matters

Business education doesn’t end at graduation, it’s just the beginning for alumni. Do you make the most of your alumni for admissions, placements, careers and fundraising? And what do alumni expect in return?

When the survey runs?

Data collection will take place in May/June 2015 with results from July 2015.  Where possible data splits will be provided based on nationality, location, sex and other metrics.

What you get from the study?

  • What alumni want from their school?
  • How to best communicate with alumni?
  • What motivates alumni involvement?
  • How schools can improve the alumni relationship?
  • Benefits received/desired by alumni
  • How alumni can support their school?
  • Reasons alumni might support a financial appeal

Participating schools will benefit from two reports:

  • a global report examining best practice and market trends
  • a confidential local report based on responses from your alumni with recommendations to strengthen alumni relations

Who takes part in the survey?

  • Alumni
  • Final year students (both undergraduate and postgraduate)

What CarringtonCrisp will do?

  • Create and host an online survey, capturing data from respondents
  • Promote the study through social networks and other media.  Provide template emails and buttons for participating schools to help boost local response to the survey
  • Project manage, providing support to participating schools
  • Analyse data and create reports

What you will need to do?

  • Promote the survey to alumni and final year students