Two-thirds of students say a school website is their most important source of information when deciding what and where to study.  More than a third use a smartphone to look at your website.  How good is your site, what would make it better, how does your site look on a mobile device, what does social media add to your strategy and what are the competition up to? 

When the survey runs?

Data collection will take place in February/March 2015 with results from April 2015. Where possible data splits will be provided based on nationality, audience, sex and other metrics.

What you get from the study?

  • Best practice on business school websites
  • Performance of your school website and others across criteria including search, navigation, speed, programme information, accommodation, fees, alumni, careers, international, accreditation and rankings
  • Overall attractiveness of your school website and others and their likely impact on student recruitment
  • Use of mobile platforms when considering what and where to study
  • Use of generic digital tools and platforms by prospective students

Participating schools will benefit from two reports:

  • a global report examining best practice and market trends
  • a confidential local report on your school website and digital marketing with recommendations to support your online communication

Who takes part in the survey?

  • Prospective undergraduates
  • Prospective postgraduates
  • Current undergraduates
  • Current postgraduates

What CarringtonCrisp will do?

  • Create and host an online survey
  • Promote the study through social networks.  Provide template emails for participating schools to help engage local respondents where necessary.  Pay on campus respondents taking part in a research focus group.
  • Project manage, providing support to participating schools
  • Analyse data and create reports

What you will need to do?

Part of the data collection for GenerationWeb is carried out through interactive focus groups held on the campuses of participating business schools.  It is not a requirement for participating schools to host a research group.  Those schools that do will have access to data on their students.

Help is requested with a room to host the research group and attract students to take part.  All participating students in the focus group receive a fee for their help from CarringtonCrisp.